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Power Button Earrings

From La Soucique Studio:

Circles, in all of their simplicity and symmetry, are a part of all of us. This design is inspired by power buttons - For yourself, let these pieces be simple reminders that the power is always within you; let them help you find the strength to carry on, source your own power and keep running strong. For others, let these earrings signify that your source of strength is always inside, to never be fully depleted. 

We have made the circle a natural and organic shape, allowing it to become as rounded as the material wishes to be; never forced. It is then hammered/textured to highlight the beautiful way that silver reflects sunlight. These are simple as statement pieces but also quite comfortable for every-day wear. 

♥ SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: 100% of our suppliers are based in the United States with an emphasis on local sourcing. We specifically design to utilize recycled material where possible. We strive to buy local and promote social responsibility. 

La Soucique Studio is located in Fernandina Beach, Florida.