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Magic Mama Potion

From Ty at Ebb & Flow:

Magic mama is no understatement ~ this sh** works!! 

I have personally suffered from various forms of eczema & psoriasis my whole life, & once plantain introduced itself into my life ~ I've never gone back to nasty (even cancer causing!) creams & ointments. 

this is a 2oz metal tin of salve, rub on a minor itchy cut, burn, eczema breakout, or growing belly to promote insane moisture, skin elasticity, cooling relief, & fast {magical!} healing ~ if you are in limbo between choosing the mist or salve; the salve version is great for deeper treatment, cake it on and cover your ailment. the salve is also great for rubbing on cracked heels, hands, and elbows. GREAT for the workin' man ~~ my dad & my man both have those cracked worker hands, this formula has been something they LOVEEEE (consider it a natural "udder balm" or "badger balm")

"magic mama potion" is certified organic plantain & lavender infused olive, & apricot kernel oil ~ combined with essential oils of tea tree, & lavender




plantain is an abundant & underrated plant, it's edible & healing, the benefits are truly endless. it is known to treat sunburns, stings, insect bites, snakebites, poison ivy breakouts, rashes, burns, blisters, and cuts. it is also has natural anti-inflamitory & anti-bacterial properties, so reach for your "magic mama potion" over Neosporin for all the minor ailments we suffer. adding these healing effects to the moisture of hemp, apricot, & coconut oil is a killer combo. 

lavender oil calms & relaxes the skin, while it is also known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. tea tree is a natural fighter of infections & fungus. tea tree is also known to heal cuts and abrasions, for burns, insect bites and stings, & boils. 



apricot oil is full of vitamin A & E which are heavy in antioxidants. it is also is jam packed with natural antibacterial properties. keeping your skin clear & healthy throughout the day, making you less likely to soak in germs in toxins wherever you apply it. with high levels of B17, it is also known to kill cancer cells (used often among holistic cancer patients) so if you currently have or have had prolonged exposure to the sun, this oil can help reduce the likelihood of cancer spots ~~ (*tested in holistic environments only)



tea tree is an anti-fungal all-healer. it promotes speedy healing in minor cuts & burns. it helps heal inflamed skin spots, by reducing swelling & throbbing, and keeping areas clear of infection. 



when I think of lavender I think of calm. you may know that lavender calms the mind, & it doesn't just stop there ~~ it gently eases irritation, works to promote a healthy balance of nutrients on the skin, and acts as an effective stress-reducer. this powerful healing property of lavender oil is due to the aromatic compounds that enter into the bloodstream and travel to the limbic system, the part of the brain that is often called “the emotional brain.” lavender oil’s treatment of stress is especially vital as stress is one of the primary causes of eczema skin flare-ups.

handmade with love and good energy in the heartland <3

Ebb & Flow is based in Iowa City, Iowa.