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Desert Primrose Face Serum

From Sonoran Rosie.


Larrea tridentata, evening primrose oil, chaparral, wildcrafted creosote, rosehip oil, organic, aromatherapy, self care.

This new product is one that is very personal to me.

Desert Primrose is simple - just wildcrafted creosote, organic evening primrose oil and organic rosehip oil. I have been using evening primrose oil as a moisturizer for the last couple months - this plus a combination of washing my face with a cleanser only in the evening ( just water in the morning) has significantly changed the health of my skin. I have always had oily skin and breakouts. 

The evening primrose oil is high in Linoleic acid - it is a vital component of sebum – oil your skin produces that coats your skin. When your sebum Is low in linoleic acid it then indirectly clogs your pores and leads to acne and breakouts. When creosote is added it - it takes care of the tiny microbes that cause other types of acne breakouts because it has antibacterial properties. Creosote also helps heal your skin from sun damage making this face oil the perfect desert essential for your face. If you have always had oily/ oily with dry spots / acne / breakouts then you will be very happy with the results of using Desert Primrose - guaranteed.
Great as a daily moisturizer.
* vegan plant based
* cruelty-free 
* sustainably made
* gender neutral 
* handmade small batch
* wildcrafted & organic ingredients