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Desert Rain Fragrance

From Sonoran Rosie.


Organic sandalwood, wildcrafted creosote, sage, Everclear, distilled water, handmade, small batch, greasewood, organic, organic clary sage, botanical, herbs, chaparral.

A perfect blend of the Creosote (Chapparal) bush and Sage and sweet Sandalwood. This earthy, woody, long- lasting fragrance perfectly captures the scent of the desert after a summer rain. This body fragrance is all natural so you can use it as a room spray if you like. Long-lasting, strong smelling. All natural, handmade directly from desert plant extracts and essential oils (plant based). Stronger than most body sprays not as overpowering as fragrance oil based perfumes. Carry this Desert Dream with you wherever you go. 

Comes in an amber colored 2 ounce sized glass atomizer mister bottle. 

Wildcrafted straight from the Sonoran Desert, bottled and sent to your doorstep. 

** All Sonoran Rosie fragrances are gender neutral. They are stronger and longer lasting than body sprays but not overpowering like perfumes.
* vegan
* organic essential oils 
* cruelty-free 
* sustainably made
* gender neutral
* herbal all natural
* handmade small batch