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Product Submissions

Due to a large volume of product submissions, unfortunately I am no longer able to respond to them all. Prelude & Dawn is operated by one person; me! Until I'm able to hire a larger staff, my time will be very limited. When I receive a product submission, I place it into a folder of submissions. I can only look at them around once a month. If I see something that might be a nice fit at the shop, I'll eventually email you back and put your submission on a waiting list. Depending on what the product is, this list could take up to a year or longer. My shelf space is limited. There are so many products that would be a great fit, but sadly I'm unable to immediately accept them because I'm already overstocked on a similar type of product.

That said, you are always welcome to submit! I take online submissions only. Email a brief description and a linesheet to: Please do not send unsolicited samples through snail mail. Thank you! -Alison :)