Artist-Designed Towel: Star Melt

$ 78.00

From Sounds.

SOUNDS presents our 2021 artist-edition towels! The Star Melt Towel was design by artist Emma Safir. Emma Safir (pronounced sapphire) is an artist based in New York who recently graduated with her MFA in Painting + Printmaking from the Yale School of Art. Safir navigates the opacity of intersubjective experience and the transience of memory through material exploration and manipulation. She integrates weaving, smocking, lens-based media, rasterization, upholstery, among other methods. Her towel is inspired by one the artist had as a child; as she recalls its memory, it fades, and the stars begin to melt away.

Woven using traditional American jacquard weaving methods in a 3rd generation family-owned South Carolina mill.

Perfect for bath or beach.

Small batch

Limited edition

96% cotton, 4 % polyester

30" x 60"

Wash in cold water, tumble dry low

See more of Emma's work here: