• Black Mission Fig & Vinca Minor Red Wine Jam

Black Mission Fig & Vinca Minor Red Wine Jam

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From Sqirl.

Juicy, deep fig flavor, dark plum notes.

About the Fruit: Considered one of the highest quality figs, mission figs were first planted in San Diego by Franciscan missionaries in 1768, and have since become the main commercial variety of figs in California. Black Missions have darker skin tones with strawberry-colored interiors.

Origins: Our Black Missions are from Murray’s Family Farm and are steeped (aka "plumped") for 24 hours in 2019 red wine from our friends Vinca Minor prior to making their way into the copper jam pot.

Ingredients: *Black Mission fig, *cane sugar, * lemon juice, *red wine *Certified organic
Made in United States of America.