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Body Oil Roll Ons

From Wild Yonder Botanicals.

Use as skin loving body oil on the go or apply to pulse points as an aromatic. Glass vial with stainless steel ball.

1/3 ounce

Rose is a Rose:

A super fine blend of the most exquisite oils.
With Rose Absolute (Bulgaria), Rose Absolute (Morroco), Rose Geranium and Rosehip and a kiss of bio-dynamic honey.

Blended in golden botanical oils of organic sunflower, olive and jojoba.

A fragrant rose bouquet to intoxicate your senses. 

Deeply hydrating, nourshing and softening with infusions of the finest extracts of rose and botanical oils.
A sensory experience not to be missed.

Let the roses radiate and love you - let your skin drink in the vitamins and nourishment. 

Silver Fir:

Experience the forest, the healing enchantment of everlasting evergreens.

This is a special blend of organic, French grown Silver Fir essential oil, with ancient amber resin in a base of organic, skin loving sunflower and jojoba oil.

Deeply nourishing to the body, mind and spirit.

Silver Fir has been used through out history and held as sacred and soul cleansing in ancient times.

A sweet, herbaceous, warm aromatic journey back to your healing center.

To be used all over body when ever desired.

Lavender Ylang Ylang:

Nourish your body and spirit with organic Lavender and Ylang Ylang Body oil, for bath or massage.

Lavender has been used for thousands of years for its ability to relax and soothe mind and body. Ylang ylang has been cherished to instantly banish anxious feelings. This is an ideal blend times of stress or for bedtime bliss.

A blend of organic essential oils: Organic Lavenders, ylang ylang extra in a base of organic sunflower and jojoba.