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Concrete Soap Dish / Sponge Lift

From Mica Rica.




Length: 11.5 Centimeters; Width: 7.5 Centimeters; Height: 3 Centimeters

Beautiful minimalist design concrete soap dish; in a zig-zag or staircase shape. This soap dish is specially designed so that the soap does not stick and quickly dry. This concrete soap dish is a modern bathroom accessory that you can combine in rustic bathrooms with hydraulic tile as well as in vintage bathrooms as shown in the photos. The finish is soft and matte.

Length: 11.5 cm. (4.5 ")
Width: 7.5 cm. (2.9 ")
Height: 3 cm (1.2 ")

This product has been carefully hand crafted; small irregularities in the surface of the material are a natural and unique feature of the object, so it may differ slightly from the photographs in shape and color tone.

This is a design made entirely by hand
To ensure the durability of the product, wash it with neutral soap using the soft part of the scrubber and let it air dry.