Dino Claw in Mallrat

$ 14.00

By Chunks.

Our Neon Yellow Matte Dino Claw leveled up to an even louder pattern: Mallrat. Inspired by hanging around the mall as youths, these glossy colors are reminiscent of the 80s / 90s. When we asked you all for input on Instagram though, we heard a lot of Halloween-inspired name suggestions…

Whether the color screams loitering at the mall or Hocus Pocus, Mallrat is only available through the fall season. The Dino Claw body shape was hand-drawn by Tiffany Ju, it's perfectly quirky!

  • Disclaimer: each piece is unique with slight variations in the patterns due to the production processes and materials used
  • Ideal for: All hair types
  • This clip measures 3.5x1.75.

  • Cellulose acetate body. Nickel-free and tested hardware.

  • See a demo of all styles on @chunks.shop IGTV!

  • Designed by Tiffany Ju. Proudly made in China.