• DoubleBlind Issue 1
  • DoubleBlind Issue 1
  • DoubleBlind Issue 1

DoubleBlind Issue 1

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In DoubleBlind's inaugural issue, we take readers from the coast of Big Sur, where reporter Zachary Slobig explores the relationship between apathy towards nature and the climate crisis, to the Ecuadorian Amazon, where photojournalist Nicola Okin spends time with indigenous communities who are using plant medicines to heal from foreign oil and mining extraction. We also speak to racial disparities expert Monnica Williams about how MDMA might be used to address the trauma of racism—and look at what the psychedelic industry can learn from the cannabis industry's mistakes. Buy the issue now for these stories, poetry, art, photography, and so much more.

Inside the Magazine
Our pages are filled with investigative journalism, educational shorts, poetry, illustrations, and photography. We aim to feature writers, artists, and stories from around the world, representing the diversity of the psychedelic community.
Psychedelics and Beyond
We don’t just cover psychedelics, but rather we’re using them as a jumping off point to explore mental health, social equity, environmental justice, spirituality, and more. Our stories dive into the nuances of where psychedelics intersect with science, policy, culture, and identity.