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Dried Flower and Herb Bundle

From Sonoran Rosie. All bundles are one-of-a-kind and will vary, but we guarantee it will be beautiful!

Marigold, eucalyptus, acacia, pink fairy duster, desert senna, Palo verde, globe mallow, rosemary, white sage, lavender, wildcrafted creosote, wildcrafted chaparral, wildflowers.

A loving fragrant arrangement of a wide variety of herbs and flowers! This floral wand will help you bring nature’s spirit into your home. Can be burned at bottom- it’s smoke brings clarity, purity, clean air and a safe space. Can also be used as decor to add desert beauty to any home. 

Many color arrangements available. 
They smell very fragrant! 
*Perfect gift for friends and family

List of herbs / flowers included:
- Lavender 
- Cleveland sage
- Prairie sage
- eucalyptus 
- rosemary 
- Creosote leaves and flowers ( chaparral) 
- globe mallow
- silver senna 
- roses
- carnations
- marigolds 
- desert wildflowers

* made up of 80% wildcrafted plants