Fat and the Moon - Shampoo Bar

$ 24.00

By Fat and the Moon.

I know some of you out there have been SUPER DUPER patient, waiting for the Shampoo Bar to make a comeback! Others are like, whaaa, Shampoo Bar, what even IS that? To both camps, I can say, Yes! Welcome to the new Shampoo Bar… not soap-based like our old bar, but a much gentler version and the equivalent to 16oz of liquid shampoo!

Lather up at the scalp and rinse through. To Store: Keep drained and dry between uses to avoid a shampoo puddle.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (From Coconut) Decyl Glucoside Cetyl Alcohol Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Derived from Rapeseed) Rhassoul Clay Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao)* Clary Sage Essential Oil (Salvia Sclarea)* Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus Officinalis)* Elderberry Extract (Sambucus spp.) *Organic

2 oz.