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Flow - Yoga Mat Spray

From Ty at Ebb & Flow:

flow ~~

formulated with my favorite oils to utilize during practice, "flow," is a synergistic blend of plant oils that ease the mind, energize the body, and help you make the absolute best of your practice ~ and find your true, deep flow. 

this is a 120ml/4 ounce bottle of yoga mat spray ~ in an aluminum bottle so you can take it in your bag & not worry about broken glass or BPAs 

to use: mist your mat, towel, clothes, & self freely before starting your practice 

lavender ~
the ultimate calm, I have found lavender ESSENTIAL to my yoga journey. metaphysically, lavender has a steadying influence on the psyche. it is calming, yet intuitive, like a wise woman. indecisiveness and emotional conflict are washed away. 

white sage ~ an aura cleansing plant, white sage helps you truly create your own little bubble, bad energy is dispelled, and good energy is amplified. the scent is grounding, allowing your mind & muscles to be on the same plane. 

sweet orange ~ a motivator, sweet orange promotes creativity & upon inhalation can increase one's physical energy. it is also a divine oil, helping one stay in-tune with true purpose.

Ebb & Flow is based in Iowa City, Iowa.