• Gravenstein Apple Butter

Gravenstein Apple Butter

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From Sqirl.

Crisp & sweet, tart, old-fashioned. The Gravenstein apples were 1st planted in Sonoma County in 1911 by Russian trappers. Extremely delicate, perishable, and difficult to harvest, Gravensteins face extinction due to a mixture of these conditions with a startling amount of their orchards’ land being converted to vineyards or rural estates. According to Slow Food USA, there are only 6 commercial growers remaining in Sonoma County and only 15,000 tons of Gravenstein apples per year.

Origins: We get our Gravensteins from Walker’s Apples, a family farm in Sebastopol that’s over 100 years old! Jessica used to drive up in her Prius, fill her car up, and drive back down—now, we fly there, rent a jeep and drive back down. Lee Walker’s an ancient creature who lovingly hands us his apples in a quick farmer-to-city gal transaction. We believe true love’s what keeps their farm going and going...

Ingredients: *Gravenstein apples, *cane sugar, *Sorrento lemon juice *Certified organic.
Made in United States of America.