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Lavender / Copal / Palo Santo Incense Bundle

A beautiful, fragrant bundle designed to treat your senses to a spiritual adventure.

Lavender soothes, relaxes and lifts your mood.

Copal, used for purification, is a powerful resin from a medicinal tree considered sacred as far back as Mayan and Aztec cultures. It is associated with the crown chakra, deepening your awareness and intentions during meditation and removing energy blockages. It can be used to purify a space, a person or object, such as your crystals.

Known as "holy wood," palo santo has been used for centuries as a spiritual and physical purification tool.  This natural wood aromatic incense is a pure healer.  Our palo santo bundles are reiki'ed with positive words, meditation and balancing tingsha bells.

Our products are handcrafted using pure and sacred ingredients, and are delicately wrapped to protect your bundle.  

Ingredients: large bundle dried lavender, 2 pieces copal incense, 2 pieces palo Santo, seasonal pink blooms

From Good Living is Glam.