Le Bain Tisane Bath Soak

$ 14.00

From Flowerhead Tea.

Steep yourself in a liquid garden and bloom into your best self.

There is no better self-care ritual than a long soak in a tub. Bathing is our favorite way to unwind after a long day. I really wanted to put something special together and have arrived at Le Bain Tisane, our new flower bath soak. Crushed oatmeal and Epsom salts soothe and heal aching skin, while a bouquet of dried flowers dance around you. Sprinkle Le Bain Tisane into your bath water while filling your tub or pour into a sachet. Strain while you drain :-)

Good for 2 to 3 baths.

All organic contents include - Epsom salt, oatmeal, coconut milk, pink himalayan salt, rose, lavender, calendula, jasmine, and cornflower.