Terrelique Relaxation Slippers

$ 52.00

From Terrelique.

36 = Women’s 6

37 = Women’s 7

38 = Women’s 8

39 = Women’s 9

40 = Women’s 10

41 = Women’s 11

Not your average upgrade. Designed for inside use (but can also be worn outdoors), Terreliques keep your place clean and *seriously* upgrade your lounge look. You can even keep extras for friends and family, curating a chic yet intimate welcome to share the full experience of your sacred space. Welcome to the shoe free home movement. 

Low maintenance, high vibe. Machine washable, our superstar slips fit as perfectly in your life as they do on your feet.

Terrelique was born not only as a house slipper, but to embody everything we love about home. House slippers are an ancient practice in Turkey, and we like to sum it up in one Turkish word: rahat, which translates to comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. We believe a shoe free home embodies rahat energy, empowering you to curate the full experience of your space. In lounging we trust.

No more awkward moments asking guests to take off their shoes. Now you can offer them something better.

Cushion your feet while making dinner to see and feel the difference.