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Sgraffito Mug by Carol Ross

Sgraffito mug by The Clay Bungalow.

About Carol Ross:

As I drink my coffee from a handmade mug, as I am now, I'm having a conversation with the maker. I'm learning about intentions and difficulties overcome, about the maker's thoughts on design and color, and about whether the maker is concerned with my comfort and pleasure. You know, we sort of chat and that is satisfying.  

I am delighted to make my work with my hands, knowing that soon it will be in your hands.

I went back to college when I was 45 because I finally had reached the place in my life where I had the courage and desire to work for a degree in visual arts. It took me four years to take the studio classes I needed - and it was fabulous! I loved it all and received my BFA in drawing.  

I went on to work for an MFA in Sculpture. It was a lot rougher than undergrad work had been, but as I struggled through each challenge, I learned. One of the most universally useful things I learned is to keep going. Don't throw it out just because it isn't working now... work work work.

I received my MFA and rented a large studio. I made large figurative sculpture and was somewhat successful at showing at the Xen Gallery in St. Louis. But, it closed and I reassessed and moved on. Smaller work, boxes and figures, a whole lot easier to carry and transport :) All the time, I've been thinking about functional, useful pottery. I hand build (no wheel) and realized I could make work that would be used. I love the idea of making pieces that appear in someone else's life... and that takes me back to handmade mugs!