Sleep Soak

$ 25.00

By Not Pot 

Sleep — A sleep-inducing combination of lavender essential oil, epsom salt and dead sea salt, to help soak away anxiety and prepare your mind and body for deep, restful sleep. We use a gentle, slow extraction process to make sure we get all the benefits of cannabis, without harming the integrity of the plant.

Botanicals: Our Muscle Soak is packed with peppermint essential oil, which has a cooling effect on sore, achy muscles—whereas our Sleep Soak contains lavender essential oil to help lull yourself to sleep.

Epsom Salt:Pharmaceutical-grade and rich in magnesium for the ultimate stress and tension relief. Chill fact: It was discovered in a town called Epsom in Surrey, England.

Dead Sea Salt: Celebrated for its therapeutic properties (people have traveled to its shores for centuries to soak in the majestic waters!) and contains 21 minerals known to treat, soothe, and cleanse the body.