• Thermal - Saunas, Hot Springs & Baths

Thermal - Saunas, Hot Springs & Baths

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From Chronicle Books.


A visually driven celebration of bathing culture around the world, featuring more than 150 photos plus healing rituals and calming practices for daily life.

Full of breathtaking photography and engaging stories, THERMAL is a celebration of the places, traditions, and mythologies surrounding the healing benefits of heat. Featuring more than 50 faraway locations—from an ancient holy hot spring in Turkey to a cozy sauna on a snowcapped ridge in Alaska, plus pools, tubs, and more—these pages overflow with idyllic landscapes and wanderlust inspiration.

Sprinkled throughout are simple practices for incorporating the restorative powers of heat, steam, and water into daily life, including rejuvenating bath recipes, healing steam rituals, and herbal remedies that encourage well-being at home. In an elevated, tactile package that evokes wellness, serenity, and escape, THERMAL will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and anyone with a spirit of adventure.

ON-TREND: A natural extension of the self-care movement, bathleisure is all the rage. This book celebrates bathleisure by exploring bathing cultures around the world, and presenting accessible rituals as a means to find balance and tranquility. In our increasingly digital world, people are craving a slower pace of life, with more time spent outside and less time in front of a screen. This book speaks to that widespread desire to pause, prioritize self-care, and experience the beauty of the world.


RESPECTED AUTHOR: Lindsey Bro has years of experience in the outdoor space, having started @CabinLove on Instagram back in 2013 Adhering to the author and @CabinLove's aesthetic sense, THERMAL is perfect for this audience that dreams of escaping to distant places, immersing themselves in nature, and living a quieter life.


BEAUTIFUL GIFT: In a photo-driven package that evokes both self-care and wanderlust, this gorgeous book is a lovely gift for wellness enthusiasts, armchair travelers, and adventurers. Alongside crystals, smudge sticks, candles, and souvenirs from faraway places, THERMAL readers can display this beautiful book on a shelf or coffee table.


Perfect for:

  • Avid travelers and armchair travelers
  • People looking to incorporate self-care and healing practices into daily life
  • Mind/body/spirit enthusiasts
  • Fans of saunas, hot springs, baths, onsens, hammams, and the like
  • Design/architecture aficionados
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Size: 7 1/4 x 9 1/4 V
Publication Date: 11/22/2022
ISBN: 9781797218571
Lindsey Bro has spent much of her life finding places faraway and undiscovered. Seeking the playful as well as the profound, she sits sauna and bathes in beautiful places whenever possible. Lindsey started and runs @cabinlove on Instagram and can be found at www.lindseybro.com. She is currently based in Southern California.