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Thyme Out Coffee Body Scrub

From Willow & Oak:

exfoliate | firm | detox

Exceptional Honduran organically farmed coffee from the Marcala region. Coffee is jam-packed with caffeine which will revive and firm the appearance of the skin. Also, rich in polyphenols, a group of antioxidants also found in foods like berries, curcumin, chocolate, and wine, ooh la-la. Antioxidants role is to protect our skin from environmental toxins which can weaken our skin cells causing oxidative damage i.e. aging.

With that said, gently grab a handful of granules and get to swirling, circling and scrubbing upwards toward your heart until your body is soft and tingling. Be mindful to work on those areas that get stagnant, where dimpling or light veining have appeared, or before it appears. With regular use you will experience more toned and firm skin. A healthy diet, plenty of water and exercise will allow better results.


  • Once granules are in your hand drizzle a little water on the grains to release the oils and to create some movement. Rub hands together to get a lather and scrub

  • Exfoliating can prime the skin to allow better absorption of body oils and creams

  • Great to prep skin for a close shave

  • Keep jar in dry area when not in use

ingredients: Coffee arabica (coffee)*, Saccharum officinarum (cane sugar)*, pumice stone granules, Juglans regia (walnut) shells, Cinnamomum verum (cinnamon)* powder, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*,  Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower)* oil, Theobroma nucifera (cocoa) butter*, Ricinus communis cold-pressed (castor) oil, essential oils of: Thymus vulgaris (thyme)*, Mentha piperita (peppermint)*, Theobroma cacao (cacao); sunflower non-gmo vitamin e (*certified organic)

8 oz | 227 g reusable glass jar


No synthetic preservatives or chemicals of any kind are used to make things last forever. Working with plant-based ingredients some variations in color will vary from batch to batch. Every season brings different results. Working in this rhythm and respect is what makes Willow & Oak’s products fresh and effective.

Willow & Oak is based in Los Angeles, CA.