• Tie-Dye Tapers - Sunset

Tie-Dye Tapers - Sunset

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From Esh Candles.

*Handle carefully with a rag or towel...the natural dye can come off slightly on your hands.

*Sold individually; this price is for one candle.

Welcome to the Esh fam, our brand new Tie-Dye tapered candles!

Just like our Tie-Dye stars, each tapered candle is hand dyed to create a kind of swirly watercolour-esq effect, and each is a mini work of art of its own!

As with all our candles, these are made with 100% soy wax, natural mica and dyes sourced from within the EU, and a cotton wick.

The Tie-dye tapers can fit into standard tapered candle holders, we recommend melting a small amount of wax either from your new Tie-Dye taper or from a previous candle, into you holder, and then gently pushing the new taper into place. The melted wax will act as a 'glue' for your new candle. Make sure it remains secure and upright at all times :)

These candles are vegan and unscented.

Length: 25cm
Width: 20mm
Burn time: approximately 2 hours.