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    Trippy Candle - Blue/Black/Green/White

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    From Wavey Casa.

    We went full on psychedelic with this one; wavey lines, wavey colours, wavey mould. Did we get a little carried away with the waviness? Maybe. Is the word wavey starting to melt into our unconscious at this point? Yep. Was the end result something beautiful? Absolutely. We thought about making it illegal to take a flame to this one, but just wait until you see how beautifully those colours blend together when they melt; it’s a moving piece of art. Think of it not as destroying, but a continuation of the artistic process (we make quite the creative team, you and I). *Color may vary

    • 100% Eco Soy
    • "TRIPPY" candle
    • 22cm x  5cm x 5cm
    • 800g 
    • Black fig & Vetiver scented
    • Can be used as a decorative piece

        Burn Instructions: Please place on a small dish, or whatever non-flammable receptacle you have to hand, to catch the wax, and be sure to trim the wick to be ¼ inch first.

        Burn time: 6.5 hours

        Because all our candles are 100% handmade, you might notice little imperfections in texture or variations in colour; but we are also committed to producing our range in the most sustainable way possible, and we think a little disparity makes each one all the more unique.