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Valor Smudge Stick

From Broad Street Collective:

The Valor smudge kit is a gift for lovers and those looking to clear and ground energy, while invoking courageous love and bravery. "My love is like a red, red rose, that's newly sprung in June.."

All of the elements within the Valor Smudge kit have been combined to clear energy, invoke love + beauty and initiating next level connection. The kit is essential to connect your heart with the earth, showering your loved ones in sweet blessings and golden light.

The Valor smudge stick is composed of wild-harvested cedar and white sage wrapped around a single red rose. In flower speak, a single red rose says " I still love you", "you are the one".. "love at first sight". The red rose is the ultimate flower symbol of love. White chrysanthemums are sprinkled throughout the smudge stick, symbolizing love and honesty.

- 1 hand-crafted Cedar/white sage/red rose/chrysanthemum smudge stick.
-All elements in the smudge stick are sustainably harvested, wild-crafted with intention to clear, connect and bless.