Yoko Ono Serpentine Gallery

$ 30.00

This catalogue, published on the occasion of Yoko Ono's TO THE LIGHT exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, includes an interview with the artist by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist, a full list of works and texts by Chrissie Iles and Alexandra Munroe.

Born in Tokyo in 1933, Yoko Ono rose to prominence during the early 1960s when, living in New York, she hosted a series of performances and exhibitions in her loft apartment in Chambers Street. Ono also has a long-standing connection to London, which began with her participation in the Destruction in Art Symposium and subsequent show at Indica Gallery, both in 1966. These projects cemented her reputation as an avant-garde artist in the UK and internationally.

Throughout her career, Ono has embraced a wide range of media, defying traditional boundaries and pioneering new forms of artistic expression, most notably her instruction pieces, which she began making in the 1950s and continues to make today. The works presented at the Serpentine span fifty years of production and viewers are invited to engage with the idea rather than the object, the conceptual over the historical.