What does "Prelude and Dawn" mean?

Prelude and Dawn is the name of a song by English drummer and composer Basil Kirchin (August 1927-June 2005). Basil did loads of cool things before it was even cool; he studied spirituality and music in India in the 50's (a decade before all of the others went in the 60's), and experimented with electronic music and tape manipulation early on. I'm not a Basil expert, in fact, I only listen to his music once in a while, but his song "Prelude and Dawn," especially the first 1:30 before some swanky jazzy madness breaks in, is what I imagine my shop "sounds" like. 

My entire life has revolved around music. I was a young pianist, a touring musician (guitar), and later on, a composer for TV and film. I still compose from time to time, but these days, my biggest passion is my shop! I love my customers, all of the makers, and the space itself, which is constantly evolving. Thank you so much for being a part of it.