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Soap Dishes from Yod and Co.

From Yod and Co.

Design and produced in the UK. Each item is individually handcrafted to order with care in our studio in East London.

The soap dish is made from Jesmonite, a durable solvent-free and non-toxic eco-friendly acrylic gypsum composite. Each item is individually cast and all the colours are carefully chosen by us. These are mixed by eye each time which allows for a slight variation and uniqueness to each piece. Air bubbles and small surface irregularities are natural and part of the unique characteristic. // Once cast, each piece is carefully sanded with various grit paper before being oiled to enrich the colour and is left to dry overnight. A final wax coating is applied and buffed to seal our soap dish for long-lasting protection. // There are 4 silicone dots underneath to elevate the soap dish from sitting in liquid and allowing for better grip. 
Made in United Kingdom